The Mayor That Was Me

The Mayor That Was Me

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               The book, the mayor - and me, aged 18.

   From my first visit to Languedoc,  events unfolded in a way that only seemed logical in retrospect, when I looked back over my diary.  I wrote down everything and the information eventually coalesced itself into a book.
   I was already a published writer, specialising in the history of Languedoc, the mysteries of the Corbières, and the historical study of Mary Magdalene.  Generally, I write as an observer, researching and studying history.
  But this time, I was looking inwards.  I was ten years or more writing The Mayor That Was Me, collecting information and thinking about all the implications of my personal story.  I began to feel ready to "put out there" my personal reincarnation experience.

    There were too many coincidences to be coincidental.  Some appeared amazing; for example, my previous life visited Rennes-le-Château and knew the priest there, Bérenger Saunière.  No wonder I have written so much about the Corbières where Rennes-le-Château is situated in Languedoc.
  I am linked to this region in a special way and my experience of that led me to a deep understanding of this region and its people.   The Languedocian people are slow to give their hearts; but when they do, it is for ever.
   I was intrigued by the biography of my previous life.  What sort of person was he?  As well as being the local mayor, he was an Occitan poet.  And so I became involved in the Occitan culture here in Languedoc; a way of life usually hidden from English-speaking people.  I hope you too enjoy the articles about Occitania and its culture, on this site.  Welcome to my world!

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The Book
“The Mayor That Was Me” is size A5 with a full colour wrap-around cover. The front cover includes a picture of the funeral of my previous life, and an inscription made to him by a fellow Occitan poet.  There are 222 inner pages in black and white, well illustrated with some 60 photos. 

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